Roots to success

Who we are

Rötjes young plants is a leading supplier of propagation materials for the aboricultural sector.

Our core business is rooting cuttings. These cuttings consist of ornamental shrubs as well as ground covering shrubs and roses. We set high priority in ensuring the best quality and for satisfying all of our customers needs. Flexibility is key at Rötjes young plants!

Modern and Professional

Rötjes young plants is located on Horsterdijk 116 in Lottum. At this easily accessible location, in the heart of the aboricultural centre in the south east of the Netherlands, stands our modern company equipped with state of the art facilities reflecting our professionalism. An image that stands for the quality that we supply.


Optimal quality is of paramount importance at Rötjes young plants. We believe that quality propagation materials are the determining factor for the ultimate quality of our cuttings, we work with materials that comply with the very highest demands. This is why Rötjes young plants have 8 hectares of mother plants that are raised especially for the purpose of producing cuttings.