Own mother plants

Optimal quality is of paramount importance at Rötjes young plants. We believe that quality propagation materials are the determining factor for the ultimate quality of our cuttings, we work with materials that comply with the very highest demands. This is why Rötjes young plants have 4 hectares of mother plants that are raised especially for the purpose of producing cuttings.

Frequent pruning

All products at our company are subjected to frequent quality inspections, to ensure the plants are disease free and to ensure uniform quality. The cuttings are also frequently pruned, using modern and advanced pruning systems. For customers who work with potting and planting schedules, the last pruning can be done two weeks before delivery. This makes the cuttings less susceptible than if they were pruned just prior to delivery. The re-growth is considerably better and the percentage of loss is much lower.

Shade house

As well as a 4 hectare greenhouse, Rötjes young plants also have a 5000 m2 shade house. This shade house is split into two sections: a cutting department where soft or special products are rooted, and a section where the plants can be hardened off for an additional period.

Special fertilization system

Our company has a special fertilization system. In the greenhouse connection points have been installed at 8 metre intervals for various types of fertilized irrigation water. This system gives us a high degree of control over the development of the cuttings. We can steer growth to correspond with the moment of delivery, by dosing the cuttings with extra fertilizer if necessary. Customised treatment, in other words!

Suitable for potting robots

Our products are also suitable for nurseries that use potting robots. The trays used in our company can be placed on racks. This system keeps the roots in the cup so the plug plants can easily be removed from the trays and potted without any damage.